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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Need a What.....hmmm...Let Me See!

The neighborhood children had just got together and decided to go to the green space down the way to play Airsoft. I am not to fond of Airsoft but there is richness in community, collaboration, problem solving and strategizing even at the expense of being pelleted by a "friend" who after the rules are laid and the teams made...may be your opposition.

My third born was not interested in going so I thought it would be a great idea if him and I walked our crazy muts that we acquired at Christmas time. We set off him and I and two dogs unequal in size. We decided to walk down by where the children were playing. As we were walking we embarked on great conversation about life and how things were feeling since we moved. We talked about our neighborhood and our neighbors, what we missed and what we would do different and/keep the same.

As we rounded the corner I could hear the shout outs from the "leaders". It was very military! I could also here the shear joy of children playing together. And what I saw when we rounded the corner were 12 boys running around climbing, jumping and shouting, dodging the ammo. And then they saw me.....

The all retreated to the bench, sat down and played it off like they were just chatting about logistics! I chuckled because I knew why they were "innocent". I have voiced my concern about them "playing" with guns and shooting each other. I gave them a smile of approval and my third born and I carried on walking and talking.

I said to him "Mommy should really try to find some new friends because new friends seem to be fun. I miss my old ones. I miss my angels but I know there are friends here for me somewhere. I should leave the house once in a while and try to make new friends." He concurred and we carried on with the dogs.

We had just passed one of his little friends houses and after about 3 more was when Max (the beagle/ english pointer mix) decided he needed to relieve himself. As I went to get my bag to pick up after my pet I realized there were no bags in the bag dispenser so I sent my boy on his way to his little friends house to ask for a bag. I sat down on the cement and waited. When your send a child on a task he is unfamiliar with and a bit uncomfortable with it sometimes takes a lot of time! So I waited......

Meanwhile the lady whose house I was in front of came out and looked at me with a bit of concern. I tried to never mind her as not to bother her. She kept looking and looking and finally came down her driveway and asked me if I was OK. I explained what I was doing. (AKWARD..explaining that my dog did his duty on her lawn and I wanted to clean it up and was waiting for my son to return with a bag......) She was so grateful and went and got me a bag.

In my attempt to try to be kind and LOVE people (and the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk) a conversation ensued. I kept looking at her. Looking deeply at her. This is nothing new for me. I often get told that I listen with authority and intently as if to draw more out of a person. Finally I said "I know you from somewhere." We went through the usual and nothing fit. Her children were grown she was not involved in anything I was involved in (which is not much) so I decided it must have been the grocery store down the way.

We got on to the dogs and where I got my dogs.....

And if you can believe it she had gotten her dog at the same shelter we got the little dog at only she adopted hers (and yes you adopt these animals you don't buy them ((I learned at the shelter when I said I wanted to buy that dog)) several years ago. She invited us up to her back yard to see her dog and introduce the dogs.

Her and I continued to talk. My boy tried so hard to be patient. He knows his momma loves to talk and he always knows he is in for a long stay when I begin to chat. So he endured as we continued. She shared with me what she had been doing that day; putting away Christmas decorations and going through stuff in the attic. She showed me these wonderful sports banners she made her children when they were young. She was sad because she did not know what to do with them. I wanted to ask her why she wouldn't give them to her children but before it came out (thankfully) she shared with me that her daughter lived at home again after graduating University and her son was home on break from University......

And then she looked at me deeply and tears began to stream down her face...and she said.....
"My husband passed away in May and this was my first Christmas with out him and I am lost and it is hard." And by the GRACE and MERCY of GOD I embraced her and hugged her (not my normal behavior) and told her I was sorry for her loss and I prayed for words because I had none...I can't ever seem to find words in situations like that.....and I kept hearing....LOVE HER SHE NEEDS A FRIEND RIGHT NOW! As she profusely apologized for her tears I reassured her it was more than OK to cry!

And she cried and I held her!

She began to tell me that she was looking for an new job. A full time job with benefits and a stable salary. She currently worked at Pier 1 and that was not enough for her to sustain their home. She shared her worry about having to sell their home that they had lived in since they moved to Texas in 1997.

I said..."That is how I know you....I saw you in Pier 1. You were on your way out the door that day and I was working with your manager ordering stuff and she needed to talk to you before you left and asked you to wait" She said "You remember that?" "YES, YES I do!"...............

This day in this moment I saw GOD. I saw that he knows me! He knew I needed that moment. He prepared me for that moment weeks before when I saw her in Pier 1! He knew I needed to be a friend so I could have that new friend I desire. He makes no mistakes this was not by mishap this was authored and planned. A part of my story to prepare me for what he has for me. To mold me and shape me to LOVE people like HE first LOVED me! TO LIVE BEYOND MYSELF!

The most beautiful aspect of all of this is that a little boy who is learning about LOVE and friendship got to experience this moment with one of his mentors and teachers who sits under the Authority of her Maker. He got to watch his momma LOVE this woman who was sad and hurting. He got to see how to comfort those in need. He got to witness what it is like when your heart has a desire!

I have not seen this woman again but today as I was running for Parul it was laid on my heart to take her a card and maybe even dinner and check in to see if she has found a new job! LOVE people ...LIVE BEYOND MYSELF!

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