It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Monday, February 15, 2010

That You May Know

When we know God we gain wisdom. Wisdom comes from HIS on person. Not Just HIS Word but knowing HIM intimately. Have you put your hand in HIS, recieved salvation and are off running living life or have you put your hand in HIS, left it there to feel and experience HIS warmth and comfort? Have you felt HIM embrace your hand, touch it, caress it? Do you trust HIM enough to stay and experience HIM? When you stay you begin to know who HE is. GOD does not change HE is the same always and by knowing him we can have HIM in us and HE can be seen through us.

Early on in the study Beth eluded to the idea that we tend to take on the behaviors of people we spend the most time with. Ask Mary what behavior of mine she has taken on. I too have taken on the behaviors of my good friend Amy and she has taken on some of mine. Fortunately for us they are behaviors that are not detrimental to our well being. I can take on these behaviors because I know Amy so well and I spend time getting to know her on a level below the surface of just a friendship. Imagine this is how GOD wants us to know HIM. In a way that we will take on HIS behaviors. People will see HIM in us. This behavior of Amy's and mine in Amy has not happened over night. It has been a 3.5 year journey and continues to grow. Sometimes we spend more time together sometimes life overtakes us and we are to busy to see each other. Because our relationship is one of truth and honest allowing us to help each other become the best version of ourselves, I sometimes long for her company when I have not seen her. You see Amy and I's relationship is a journey. A life that glorifies GOD is not something we attain at Salvation. It is a process that progresses as we spend time with HIM. A relationship that is valued and nurtured is one that will grow and become strong. If you leave a relationship on the back burner or allow the other person to do all the work it is not as fruitful.
How do you nurture and grow relationships? Are you hiding HIS word in your heart. Do you cry out to HIM? Do you rely on HIM when you are weary? Do you praise HIM when you are happy?

When Amy and I don't spend a lot of time together and I don't know what is going on with her I often begin to wonder and this sometimes directs me to misunderstanding. I may feel that she does not value the relationship we have or I may think she has become weary from my woes (cause she is the lucky girl who experiences them with me). It is when we are in sync that I feel most satisfied with our relationship. When we immerse ourselves in the journey toward knowing HIM we will find satisfaction. Salvation is amazing but can you imagine that peace that surpasses all understanding that knowing no matter what happens you are loved anyway. You always have a place to find rest and restoration.....In HIM. As my journey has grown this has began to make sense to me. I have always loved the LORD. But I know thirst for HIM I long to feel the Holy Spirit. I always think of climbing on top of that mountain and basking in HIM, eyes closed, arms lifted. What I love the most is the more I know HIM the less I want. I don't compare myself nearly as much (no perfectiton this side of heaven), I don't wonder why, I don't feel like a failure, I don't feel as frustrated. And the most breathtaking for me is the fact that this is a journey. It takes time. It is a process and I may become distant from HIM at some point and may begin to feel unsatisfied but I am redeemed and I am HIS! Hallalujah! In HIM I can experience abundant life and it can be fun! I remember as a teenager thinking...HMMMMM Christian life fun? Can't be. Although I did have a fun group of musicians from the church and once in a while you could find us on a Friday singing at the church. That was fun. I do aspire to sing on stage at church on day. I suppose they will have to give out earplugs with the bulletin that day:)

Words and phrases that keep resonating in me as I study....
Open the eyes of your heart.
Listen for HIS sweet whisper.
TRUST HIM. Proverbs 3:5-6 This is huge. Trust HIS word that says All things work together for the good of the LORD. HE is with us who can be against us?
Submit all areas to HIM and watch what HE will do.

You can not get true satifaction in HIM by sitting in church on Sunday, attending Life Group or Bible study. You must enter into an authentic relationship with HIM and thirst and hunger for HIM. He will give you wisdom Proverbs 2
but you must seek it. He does not chase you. He offers you HIMself Provervs 1:7. You can take up or not but the benefits are great. FREEDOM....can you imagine? I can't wait until we are finished this and I have seen HIS freedom.

What are you doing different to allow yourself to experience freedom?
Do you know HIM and believe HIM?
Do you glorify HIM?
Do you find satisfaction in HIM?
Do you experience HIS peace?
Do you enjoy HIS presence?

I pray that as you draw closer to HIM you will experience HIM fully. This is your journey, may you find freedom!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Free-Chisel Away

Please watch this! Let HIS spirit move in you and speak to your heart!
Remember..........HE LOVES YOU!!!

Cut and paste this site.

Thanks Jodi!