It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little Family Time with A Lot of IMPACT!

When I have sat down and really thought deep about who I am and what defines me.....

is a phrase that rings beautifully in my ears and rolls nicely off of my tongue......

When my friends talk to me they usually ask "How is the running going?"  AND....
many of them believe (for some odd reason AND NOT because I have said it.....) that I RUN Marathons.

this piece of who I am is a part of me that I love.
                A part of me that I find FREEDOM in.....I wrote about Running for FREEDOM when I was training for my HALF 13.1 (not WHOLE 26.2...that sounds soooo ScArY).

PS....I run but AM NOT hard core!  I only dream of being HARD CORE!

As I have embarked on the journey of Running and it becoming a part of who I am I have always drug people along....ENCOURAGED them to become a runner.


To become a RUNNER because I believed they would be able to see the fruits of their labor as we together accomplished something they thought they would never accomplish or like for that matter! Of course there is also the fact that we were designed to be in relation with one another so why not run and talk!  


Encouragement NOTICE:  Running is good for the soul.

My Family is made up of Testosterone and we all know that equals Competitiveness!

HMMMM.....Throw a competitive edge on this Running and I think I will have a few new running partners!!!

After our move I began training for my first HALF (NOT WHOLE) Marathon....
At this same time my Fiercely Competitive Man was trying to move toward a more active lifestyle....
and if you can believe it..... the challenge of RUNNING (with out stopping) 4 miles with me was on!  
And I  was Running with MY Man!

Soon the little boys were onto this running activity.  Child number 2 was running often at school and he was catching the running bug!  So the little boys and I began running together (or walking fast) and eventually embarked on our first race together.....
The Bunny Hop 5K 

Child number 2 found great success in this race and was ready to take on the challenge of becoming a runner.

My third born...He is willing to join in on the family events but he is not yet sold on becoming a runner and running 5k races.  So Him and I do a lot of!

My desire was to have the whole family run a race together.  My Man and the Firstborn were not so sure this was the most brilliant idea ever.

Now I can't boss my Man and my Firstborn is really an adult.....UGGHHHHH!.... so it is hard to boss him any longer....... 

But Majority ruled and I signed us up for a race......
Up at 6 am and runnin' running' at 7:30 am....

This however was no typical race....
It was a special occasion!
A race experience that would forever change us at a soul level!

This race was the Impact A Hero race!
Too many a Hero may be there dad and for lots of the younger generation they would identify their hero's as professional sports athletes or someone who is identified by power and wealth.

These Heroes on this day....
They are the Heroes that America looks up to!
These Heroes are the ones who answer the call to lay down their lives for the sake of another...
These Heroes are our Soldiers....the men and women who have lost something in return to gain what so many only hear about...


As the runners were arriving and preparing for the race....
The announcement came that the Heroes would be arriving soon!

They arrived like ROYALTY!
With police escort in big buses preceded by a long 
long, long and loud line of motorcycles!

The crowd eagerly anticipated their arrival and cheered loudly
when they were getting off of the bus!
They and their families lined up at the START line to run the race.

Photo and Artwork by Jodi Shaw
It was the most amazing race experience I have ever had!
I was BLESSED to have my Testosterone with me to competitively
Compare times at the end of the race....
 all the while making excuses as to why their times weren't better 
and whose fault it was and what the time should have 
really been if........

Although I am not sure how WE impacted a Hero but I am positive
WE were impacted by a Hero on this day!