It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We Were All Strangers Once......

What is a stranger?

A stranger could be a person whom we have never met, a person we have briefly met, a person we do not have a personal intimate relationship with, someone we do not fully trust.

We were all strangers once. We began our journey together to break free not so long ago. 13 strangers. Some knew each other more intimately than others. Some knew nothing about any of the people we would begin sharing ourselves with. We were strangers entering into a study that would require us to trust. Trust each other, trust ourselves and ultimately trust that GOD had divinely placed us together for HIS purpose and glory.

Not only was I a stranger to the women in my study group but I began to unpack the idea that I may be a stranger to GOD or HE a stranger to me. I knew I loved the LORD but did I trust HIM fully?

As I began this journey of freedom with strangers I began to understand the magnitude of trust and LOVE. As each week passed and as I was trusting GOD to work in and through me to bring HIS message to strangers I began to unpack the untrust and fear of strangers that infiltrated the core of my being....

Because GOD is faithful and chastises us to grow and trust HIM I was blessed with the opportunity to house 10 strangers in my home. My initial reaction was I can not have 10 strangers in my home. You see these strangers were "strange". Their life was vastly different than ours and I was certain they would be scarred for life if they entered into our world even if it was for less than 15 hrs (most of them sleeping hours).

Applying my Breaking Free knowledge:) I knew that this fear stemmed from my past and my trust issues with my family and my trust issues with GOD. WHAT??? Trust issues with GOD? That is not how it is supposed to be...I am supposed to trust GOD fully with all areas of my life....

And so answering HIS whisper and invitation to obey HIM and let HIM show me his grace, mercy, and love I began praying and crying out to HIM. I was still afraid...afraid of failure (not providing for this family in a way that would be comfortable), afraid of rejection and judgement (that they would find our lifestyle despicable), and fear that we would not glorify HIM. I shared with GOD these fears and HE kept me, I am working.

And so with much prayer and supplication...I began calling around for air mattresses:)

GOD is good! I had plenty of air mattresses for all ten of them. All of my fears were given to HIM and I felt a peace that passeth all understanding when our strangers arrived. A perfect peace in my imperfect mind surrendered to HIM.

Through this relationship with GOD and my desire to know him and trust HIM, HE faithfully showed me how HE works through people and situations to teach us more about HIM. The conversations we had with this family (the strangers) were profound and moving. Their story was amazing and their mission in seeking and living the TRUTH resonated in our home in a way that would have an immeasurable impact (an answer to prayer).

By surrendering my fearful thoughts to HIM I was able to see how HE was using this situation for HIS glory.

We may never see these strangers again, however like you and I who were strangers once too divinely brought together to enter into a trusting relationship for HIS glory, these strangers were brought to us to show me how to trust fully.

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