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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Organ That Produces Beautiful Music.......

Desire lives in this organ. Relations flow from this organ. As the Key Player magically runs their fingers across this beautiful object the sound that comes is amazing. Each sound is different. Each echoing a sound so personal that to each ear it is different but yet beautiful and moving. This organ invites us to close our eyes and long for tenderness, gentleness, fiercely captivating us and those around us. If we let this organ resonate within us it is alluring and genuine and it draws a sense of peace that invites others to wonder how they to can hear this beautiful music coming from their organ.

Sadly though many have tried to squelch the sound of this beautiful organ. Often this sound is misunderstood and abused and often we abandon our organ due to the pressures of those who can not hear and feel the peace and joy it brings. Yet we continue to long for that sound, that beautiful music. We carry on trying desperately to fill the emptiness, the silence, seeking and searching trying to make sense of the chaos around us when really all we want is to once again hear that deep and true rich sound bellowing from the organ.

And so we embark on a journey to restore the music, to heal the emptiness from the silenced sound and to feel the joy the organ brings when the Key Player is gentle and intimately touching each part of the organ. With each touch a sound the organ begins to pour out its beauty. The organs purpose is being sang and the listeners are being moved. This time there is more listeners and more people coming in order to see how the Key Player is producing a beautiful piece through the organ. Once again the one who owns the organ feels alive and and full. The music is freeing. Desire is awakened and relations restored.

May your organ produce beautiful music and your desires dance with the music as it speaks to the ears all around you!

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  1. Michelle, this is a beautiful painting with words of our hearts! Just beautiful and I love the photograph!
    love & grace,