It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hold On Tight and Join Me On The Daily Adventures of Michelle's blog is going to be like no other. Some of you will be tired by the end of your reading some of you may laugh some of you might even cry. My true desire is that you become excited and energized and filled with HOPE. HOPE in the TRUTH.

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Some of you know me and know I love to talk and share stories. Some of you also know there is always a story. Sometimes a story of celebration and sometimes a story of sorrow. There is ONE however that knows me to the depths of my being. You see HE created me for His good works. And this is where this blog adventure story begins...

It was a fine Tuesday morning at 5 am. I was off to the gym to run in circles with my two friends. The run was great and is always more fruitful when two or more meet. A few uggghhhsss and oooohhhhs but 40 minutes of sheer movement and the pain was over. A short amount of time to be in pain considering.

I arrived home and the phone calls began....the school district was calling for me to go to work. One call after another answering to hear the computer. is a voice not a computer. The head HR guy was calling me go to work. I (stronghold) considered saying yes but then that voice in my head (AKA God) said do not let the enemy convince you that you need to work (work=worth=stronghold). I will supply all your needs and give you strength to break a stronghold. I said no. FREEDOM!

The phone calls did not stop...I just did not answer. I was meeting with my Maker today. Obediently following Him. I went to book study. We are studying Fearless by Max Lucado. FREEDOM! (more on this later) After the time with the women(which is always refreshing especially when my Maker calls me out!!!) I went upstairs the church to do some business and had the great pleasure to meet one of the staff that I knew her name and knew she did amazing work for the church but did not know what she looked like...Margaret you are beautiful. I can't wait to spend time with you!!!

A phone call from Amy E in South Dakota. You see I am going to see one of my teachers, mentors and friend in Christ live in November. Not only do I get to see her I get to be on her prayer team and bring my mom with me.

Beth Moore has an amazing hunger for the Lord and is contagious. I am blessed to be under her teachings. Again He supplies my needs for His purpose.

I then ran errands...went to the library and viola...a man that attends our church works there. He knew me by name...Wow! Just when you think no one is noticing you and you really don't Maker was at work still to remind me...I do matter to my Maker but to people in our church and in the community. It is the lay people (not only the leaders) that need to reach out and touch someone because it feels great to touch and be touched.

Then off to coffee with two of my very dear friends....I love seeing their smiling faces and the children's innocent love for life. Great conversation...again a blessing from my Maker.

Then home to meet my children. Drop of one at a friends and the other to piano. I sat in the car because I was needing Jesus. Yep a BIG BIG does of my Savior. So I reluctantly (out of fear) turned the key and listened to Shine FM.....ahhhhhhh I needed Him....

Then home dinner homework....A chat with my mom that was a bit awkward because there had been a disagreement last week. Again my Maker is at work. This time He was reconciling. His work is amazing.

A few emails and blog reading after the children went to bed. I have my fav blogs on the right of this blog and tonight I read Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary. Her small thing for the day was to meet with Jesus (for 50 points...collected over the month for a should check it out, it is good stuff)

I received my 50 points today...I said YES to God...remember I said No to work which allowed me to say YES to God...

And because I said YES to God.....

Can you believe it. Are you tired yet..that was Tuesday (in the short version) and now it is Wednesday.

I knew today was going to be a special day. Remember I said YES to God yesterday and He had something in store for me today!!!!

The day began with no phone calls to go to work. PHEWWWWW!!! I can clean my house. When you say YES to one thing you say NO to something else and I have said NO to housework far to long. Again for those of you that know me...this is a release of a stronghold as well...The gift of Imperfection has blessed me..(Joan C Webb's amazing book). Thanks Joan for getting me through my stronghold of perfection. You should see me now. If there is such a thing as a stronghold of mess....that is the one I am currently in.

I however could not say No to the gym and so I timed myself in order to accomplish something...before I left. This is when I met with my Jesus. Studying His Word. I finsihed after a long prayer time as the needs are much and the insatiable hunger for more of Him is strong.

Low and behold...ring a ling..nope not the school district...gym partner #1..."I am saying No to the gym so I can say Yes to other commitments" I was disappointed but figured I would be OK...(the enemy is trying to sneak in right here. He is being subtle and placing thoughts of rejection((one of my strongholds)) in my head). I carry on getting ready because gym partner #2 will be there so ....buzzz buzzzz..a text from gym partner #2...Can't make it to the gym today. Satan begins to attack hard. I begin to wonder what is wrong with me and what I have done to my gym partners. They may tell you I push them to hard but I knew that wasn't it. It must be something more. I must have hurt them. They must be offended by me. PS by the way...this is the enemy talking not my gym partners or me. EEERRRRRCCCHHHHH!!!!! Satan has no dominion over me. Get out of my head!!!!

RING RING...Ugghhhh!!! It must be the school district...Hello...And some woman begins chatting with me. I thought I knew who it was but I sure did not know what she was talking about so I courageously said..."I think you are talking to the wrong person" and she said I am...This is a person whom there has been a broken relationship. My Maker brought her to me today. He wanted to begin the reconciliation began today!! You this time I would normally be at the gym but my Maker had a bigger plan than big muscles.

Oh Wait....He is not done yet and it is only 9:15 am. I decided I must go for a run. The enemy is not keeping me down. I needed some more of my Jesus. I needed to be in His beauty in the silence. He wanted to talk to me. I loaded the washer, dishwasher and dryer, pushed start, laced up and went for a run. I love it when I run in His beauty and He talks to me.

His conversation was one of chastisement. He called me out on my disobedience. For about a month now He has been asking me to take care of some business and in fear (Max Lucado...Fearless...)I have not headed His calling. Today on my run He answered my "how do I do this" prayer. He said to me....Speak the TRUTH in love not for your ambitions but for my glory. I will give you strength. Speak of a like spirit and mind. I am not a God of fear. Take up your cross in Me and I will see you through this. And I found myself running with my hand in the air proclaiming His power shouting out "the enemy has no dominion over me, the enemy has no dominion over me".

My friends what He has called me to do today is risky and scary and the enemy wants me to believe that it will destroy me (remember the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy). That is why I have not been obedient. But if I truly truly truly believe in HIM (and I do) whom then shall I fear???? I have laid this at my Makers feet. I have been face down regarding this matter and now I must move forward in faith obedient to His call. I must expect His mighty power to reign down to bring glory to His church, His kingdom.

His hand is evident each day in my life. This is a very very short version of a daily adventure for me. One would think my Maker is tired but He is not. He is alive and moving mightily and I invite Him to keep on moving me toward Him!!!

How do you experience Him each day. Do you truly truly believe that He is the almighty? The same yesterday today and tomorrow? Do you believe He is not a God of fear but a God that has come to set us free so we can have abundant life. Are you doing your part to experience His mighty power. You must be an active participant in this journey. You must listen and obey.

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  1. Woohooo! That's me on a rollercoaster ride through life with my friend, Michelle! {smile}. I LOVE, love, LOVE that photo of you! Thanks for sharing your "day-in-the-life" with Him. He is not tired! He IS alive and moving mightily in you!