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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Are Always on My Mind....

Blog sweet blog....oh how I miss you!  I remember the days of pondering and wallowing in thought of how wonderful life is and having the time to joyfully write and share with you!

Suddenly SCREEEEECHHHHH....January hit and life has changed!!!

I am a full time student working (for free) part time.

For the next six months many priorities will be different...

and so it leaves me thinking often of my blog and all of the fun stuff stuck in my head that I want to share.  I will eventually purge my brain with something other than Child and Youth Care Work information and  post something GOOD (although something good may come from my experience with these beautiful teenagers I am now working with)! 
I have a few thoughts sitting on the cusp of escape however I don't have enough time to do those thoughts justice and it just would not be fair to share in a hurry.  I prefer to savor the moment and share from the depths of my heart!

On an exciting note one week ago today I shared my LOVE story with a group of women.  It was an amazing story (even though I forgot the most important page) that I hope resonated in the hearts of the hearers.

The Pacific Ocean
Stay tuned my blogger never know when I am going to unleash the thoughts held captive in my head!

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