It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


When our ambitions trump our relationships, our stories suffer for meaning. ~Donald Miller

Next time you feel like you’ve lost your spark, just reach for that little list. Forget about goals, ambitions and all the things you think you ought to be doing. Just start with those little things that bring you joy.  ~Andrea Sher  her blog...Superhero Journal....

I think my word of the day to consider and ponder is AMBITION!  Where it fits for me right here right now...OR does it!?  Maybe I am supposed to continue to be in the JOY that I am currently in and relish it, embrace it and stop looking for something more, stopping looking for what I think I ought to be doing...

Moments!  Moments that I miss because I am wrapped up in my ambitions, my wants, my attempt to fill me, fill those empty places in my heart!  I miss those moments that would fill me if I would slow down and embrace, cherish and celebrate those little right here right now moments that are right in front of me. But I miss the moment because I am to busy chasing ambition which is hours ahead of my right here right now!

While I am hours ahead of my right here right now I miss that moment to purr into my sons ear as that is what we do to tell each other that we care, I miss that ruckus outside my window that are blue jays talking to each other, that invitation of a hurting friend to come into their world and comfort them, that moment that my son is doing his homework begrudgingly while dancing to CMT (yep all at the same time).

When I get so focused on what I think I should do such as get a job, go back to school, and what ever else to fill my emptiness I miss those moments of opportunities falling in my lap to serve others.  I miss those moments to live my mantra of encouraging and edifying others so they to can experience freedom.  Not just any ol' freedom but a deep down soul freedom that only brings JOY no matter what the circumstances we are facing are.

When I lay down MY ambitions and embrace the beauty of the moment my story becomes exciting.  The excitement that my heart longs to be filled with.  I am filled with the little JOYS of a moment.  My relationships flourish.

Like the day that I was pondering how to fill my loneliness.  The day I felt like I lost my spark and was contemplating trumping relationships with my family and the few connections I have made here with ambition, selfish ambition.  I went to the mail box and there in the box was the most amazing piece of mail.  A beautiful card from a friend.  A very unexpected piece of mail.  A BEAUTIFUL hand made...yes hand made card especially for me.  Tears poured down my face.  She chose me.  I matter to her!  All the way from Canada....I matter!  And I was awakened again to the value of relationships and that I must not trump them for my selfish ambitions.  I was filled with JOY!

And My Soul is Revved by.....
and I am filled with JOY when...
My LIST begins like this....

  • Having friends over to hang out and eat!
  • Watching my children have fun with their friends!
  • A walk in the park with the dog and family!
  • A hike in the woods!
  • Running!
  • Sitting on Point Michaud beach on the Atlantic Ocean and watching the tide and people play in the ocean!
  • Bras D'or Lakes with our family!
  • Singing loudly to music that I know the words to!
  • Dancing with my children no matter where we are!  (and I mean no matter where)!
  • Inspiring conversations that leave me being a better version of myself!
  • Going on an adventure somewhere new and not being scared to get lost!
  • Color...markers, paper, paperclips....
  • A Starbucks non fat peppermint mocha no whip no foam!
  • Authentic conversation with people who get me!
  • Listening to people share their stories of pain and triumph!
  • Laughing with my boys (all four)!
  • Traveling near and far!
  • Seeing people come alive after being given a BIG dose of YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  • Being alone, still and listening to my Maker!
  • When my still is awakened and becomes real and alive!



I come alive!
Relationships come alive!
And my emptiness wanes! 
 My ambitions are at peace within my soul!
Moments are cherished because that is what matters!

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