It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Friday, January 22, 2010


Wow...what a lesson Day Four has been. Hezekiah was a man who wholeheartedly followed the Lord. He removed the idols his ancestors seemed to miss, he lead reformation and restoration in the people of the land and brought unity betweent the North and the South (aka Isreal and Judah). Hezekiah did not stop there. He honored God in the way he handled the attack of a mighty enemy.

Just when we thought...WHEW! A Godly Man who loves the LORD with all his heart and centered in HIS will for the people of the land....DUHN, DUHN, DAAAAA.....Satan struck Hezekiah and attacked this man who was STRONG IN HIM! Hezekiah stayed in HIM, crying out and praying even in the midst of fear...

Do you cry out to HIM in the midst of your fear? What do you do with your fear?

Whooops! Hezekiah forgot that our LORD is a GOD of mercy not merit!
IN times of success most of us can live good lives. Pressure, trouble or pain quickly removes a mask, a veil and reveals who we truly are in our hearts, in our inner being.

Who/How are you in times of hardship? Are you consistently faithful or do you worry what preassure, trouble, or pain may reveal about you?

Hezekiah gave credit to himself NOT the LORD! YIKES... He let his guard down and enjoyed the approval of the godless.

Are you humble in your possesions or do you boast what you have ie: cottages, a big house, a self made business, trips around the world, name brand clothes, who you know and "rub" shoulders with, how much money you have and spend on "stuff"....Is this for the approval and esteem of man...OR GOD? Who are you trying to win over man OR GOD? If it is GOD remember do not store up earthly treasures..........Pride can cost us here and now and those we leave to follow in our foot steps!

The point that hit me the hardest simply was that Hezekiah was naive. He was expecting an attack from Assyria that he missed the fact that someone else may be planning an attack...HMMMMM!!!! Do you sometimes miss an attack that is coming from other areas such as idols, sense of entitlement, the thought that you are above others (aka righteousness)

I challenge you to seek HIM and allow him to reveal to you yokes that are holding you back...We are all broken! ARe you serving HIM YES HIM with intention and purpose! Are you hearing HIS sweet, merciful whisper asking you to take up your cross and follow HIM daily? Are you authentic?

In HIM Authentically,

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