It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Kings Continued.....

Isaiah experienced the LORDS glory and underwent a purifying that was painful. Have you felt HIM move in you as you experienced a painful cleansing in order to be pure and holy to do HIS work. I have. Not so long ago when I was sure if I died tommorrow it would be OK because I was at a place where I felt happy and content. My life was perfect......or so I thought. GOD had another message for me and boy did he heap coals upon me and it hurt deeply. This chastizement was necessary in order to move me forward to do HIS and blog with you:)

The more we know GOD the more we become aware of our own powerlessness and inadequacies and begin to understand how impossible it is to do anything of lasting value with out HIM.

Unfortnately Ahaz missed that idea. He did not seek the LORD nor did he heed his whisper to accept the LORDS help. He had no faith to fall back on when he heard that Syria and Isreal formed an alliance and were preparing to attack. Are you prepared for the attack of the enemy?

Has GOD revealedany idols in your life? Are you listening as HE invites you to prepare for the attacks? Have you grabbed on for dear life?


  1. I do feel like I am hanging on for dear life. My biggest worry is like the Isrealites, I too will compromise God's position in my life.

    I do not want to have Spiritual "ADHD". One minute I feel the freedom and the awesome workings of God and the next minute I loose my focus and forget where He has just taken me. To be honest it really freaks me out. Once you gain freedom you don't want to be captive again.

    And yet I know how weak and prone to failure I am and that this is a life long journey with I pray that for myself, as well as for everyone else, that the cleansing of the Lord over the next few months will be deep and permanently etched within me.

  2. Duana...
    Day 5 Week 1...speaks to your comment. Not even the best kings were sufficient. Not even the most honorable were holy. Not even the most humble were immune to pride. We can all mislead and be mislead. We must seek first the Kingdom of God. He loves us and is merciful. If we are trying to please HIM and not humans HE will bless us and empower us to do HIS work.
    In HIM Authentically....