It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Monday, January 7, 2013


As 2012 rolls out and 2013 rolls in many people choose to make resolutions.  Resolutions have never been my choice to ring in a new year.  I always anticipated a new year but expected nothing more than a few inevitable changes that may or may not impact me.  Each year rolled on,  some being more exciting and full of adventure than others but for the most part no intention was pondered as the New Year arrived.

3 years ago a new idea came to me.  
A word.  
A word for the year. 
Living out the word daily. 
Seeing each day through the lens of my Word.

  Although just today as I was reading words penned by others many words put together,  I learned that this idea of a Word for the year is not new. 

Many, many people choose a Word over a resolution.

3 years ago however the idea of a word for me came when I was fulfilling my practicum placement  at a residential treatment facility for teens who had experienced trauma.
It was my first day.  
The day team building was happening.  
We gathered in the art therapy studio. 
 There we were given instructions by the clinician.
  He would be giving us a word.  
This word would be a word that the children would come to know and live. 

We would be creating a piece of art on canvas with oil paint that would showcase the word and this piece would be hung in the house for the children to see and meditate on.  I was feeling nervous!  
I had never met my colleagues and now I had to risk. 
 I was being asked to be real, transparent, vulnerable. 
 I was uncomfortable.  

The WORD….  
Diligence…what did that mean.  
How could I create a piece that would speak to the children, 
speak to me, 
speak to my colleagues, 
speak to families that entered their children's home away from home?

And thus my Word journey began….I rekindled a old flame.  I was on fire for Words…
My heart was longing and expecting...

Diligently I created a masterpiece.  I diligently walked intentionally daily to understand what it meant to practice diligence.

And the next year came….
No resolution.  No BIG sudden change…
Just a Word…
A year to learn more about Love…
Reading, collecting, journaling all I could about Love..

And this year…
As 2012 closes and 2013 begins 
My heart speaks, the Word is everywhere……

Speaking to me.
Telling me to Believe.
Believe there is more for me.

40 years of wandering, searching, seeking while held 
captive to fear
captive to unbelief
captive to shame

Desiring more.  
Searching for what my heart screams for.
  Seeking diligently and never feeling full...never satisfied.  

That chapter finished, a new one begins. 

Now as clear as pristine waters of a white sand beach I know what I need to fill me…
To Believe!

Photo courtesy of Jodene Shaw Art and Photography

Believe the desires in my heart are real and alive and known
Believe in change
Believe in my passion
Believe Promises
Believe Truth
Believe I am worthy
Believe my gifts are to be used for greatness
Believe mistakes are OK
Believe vulnerable is strong
Believe I am called to do great things
Believe that my ideas are valuable
Believe what I feel inside
Believe I have what it takes
Believe that it is not the critic that counts
Believe I belong
Believe I am an artist
Believe I am an author
Believe healing
Believe Love
Believe my voice
Believe wholeheartedness
Believe I will have a positive life changing impact in the lives of others
Believe friendships
Believe grace 
Believe beauty in the broken
Believe stories are necessary
Believe authentic
Believe in we
Believe community
Believe the Way the Truth the Light!

Believe that I have travelled this road….
Trials, tribulations, joy, floods of happiness, confusion, pain, let downs, disappointment, grace, elation…..For a purpose set out long before….

A cleansing of my soul.
Toxins flushed out.
40 years of eyes seeing blurred.
Seeking to Believe.
A soul with a junk hangover.
Each blurred step, a step toward detox.
Toward clarity.
Toward Freedom.
Toward Truth.
Walking one step at a time in the Way.
Walking toward Life.

Each step with an insatiable hunger.
A longing.
Each step a bite of Manna to feed me.
A bite of Beauty to chew on and savor.
Each step seeking...
Longing to be captivated by Beauty…

Beauty surrounding me.
A Blue Jay in my tree.
An innocent smile from my 3rd born.
My mans determination.
Compassion of the 2nd born.
Faith of a mother whose child is terminal.
My first borns longing to Love fully.
Ocean waves crashing on rocks.
Her 8 year old creativeness shared.
The broken crying for healing.
Friends that Love unconditionally
Conversing with poor
Community together in the wake of tragedy

Believe Beauty is for me.
Believe Freedom is for me.
Believe the endless voice calling me to peel of the veils and truly see.  
Believe Transcendence.

2013 I will Believe.
I will Believe so I may see.

Anything is possible if a person Believes.
Mark 9:23

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