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Thursday, April 12, 2012

That BlUe TaMbOuRiNe

That  BlUe TaMbOuRiNe shimmied and shaked.
It produced a beautiful sound
A beautiful rhythm

The hands that shook that tambourine were large hands, 
soft hands,
 gentle hands,
 helping hands
Hands that made people beautiful on the outside 
while impacting people on the inside.

It was a heart overflowing that generated the joy to shake that tambourine.
A heart that was full of a peace that surpassed all understanding.....

While those around didn't understand the affliction and the struggle...

But for me, I will sing each morning about your power and mercy.  
For you have been my high tower of refuge,
 a place of safety in the day of my distress.
O my Strength to you I sing my praises for you are my high tower of safety,
 my God of mercy.
Proverbs 59:16-17

A heart of strength.  
Strength that was seen as it poured out through the blue tambourine.

A heart of LOVE.
Love that could be heard in the sound that poured from that blue tambourine.
LOVE that could be seen as you watched,
captivated and in awe
of what was flowing out of her as she shook that blue tambourine.

That heart poured out the joy that comes in the morning
through the shaking of that tambourine.

That tambourine became hers...
She shook it in utter celebration!
She was known by that tambourine!
Known by the passion that radiated through that tambourine.

It sat in it's place.
It held her place.
Waiting for her to come and pick it up!
No one else picked up that tambourine!
No one else shook it!

It represented all that she was!
It was a treasure!
A treasure that was shared!
A treasure that impacted lives!
A treasure that left a legacy!

It was a BlUe TaMbOuRiNe!

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