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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Adventure in Mile 8!

Running for Parul has brought Fullness to my journey...
Mile 8 brought joy heart and rev to my giddy up n gooooooo!

 For those of you who walk closely with me you know that everyday is a day FULL beyond measure.  
Full of sometimes nothing but good, sometimes full of nothing but not so good and sometimes full of good and not so good but none the less full.  

With this fullness comes bus E ness.  
For the last month it has been challenging to run on a regular basis because my house has been FULL.....
Full of contractors....
Full of repair men....

I again found a love for running at 5:30 am as it seems to be the only time I am available.  Yet still it has been challenging to get in my runs....

I am however committed...
Committed to Parul....
Committed to the supportive friends that have given to As Our Own on my behalf...
And so I run on....

What I love about this journey is how the long runs are used to fill me up!  
The time it takes to run is the time I use to meet with my Maker.  
Time that is rich in learning.  
My time to be still and know!

Mile 8 was beautiful because I was blessed with an unexpected running partner.  
For years I have been all but begging my man to run with me and he has always declined the invitation reassuring me his knees are bad and could never handle it.   
He often runs on the treadmill but never pounds the pavement.  

On this day much to my surprise he offered to run the loop with me.  
The loop is 4 miles and I couldn't have been more overjoyed to have a friend to run the 1st half of my 8 with.  
I was so excited! 
 I think he almost was too but I am sure he had no idea what he was in for.  

You see I love to talk....
My man...
not so much.
This was strictly business for him....

His business plan was to run 4 miles without stopping and be sure he did not let me "beat" him. 
 He has an extreme competitive edge to him and I am confident that is what prompted the run....
The challenge to run the loop!

My watch was ready to go!
He grabbed my phone pushed a few buttons and we were off!

So we set off and I was so excited.

My first conversation starter went something like this....
Awww baby isn't this sooooo romantic?
His reply  "There is nothing romantic about this"
Me... "Awww here we are on this beautiful day running together having a great time"
Him.... "Yeah, No!"

And then I thought...HMMMM maybe this isn't romantic!  
This was romantic to me. 
 My desire was given to me...running with my man!   
I revealed in the bliss.

And then it occurred to me to get out my phone and take a picture or two...
I was having the time of my life...

My man....I don't think he found the F-U-N in this!  (I should have made a video:)

And so we ran on!
I chatted and chatted and chatted...
He probably thought  "How can she breathe?"

I was so happy it was like old times with Amy (my running partner in Alberta) and I.  
I talk and talk and talk and Amy listens and we run and run and run!

I tried not to run to fast or to slow.  I didn't want to ruin my opportunity for romantic run #2!
At about mile 3 I could tell his knee was not feeling so good!
This is where being competitive is a double edge sword. 
 Run on because I can't quit or quit because my knee hurts..........
And so we ran on!

My man and I finished our 4 miles together.  Me in utter bliss like a teenager on her first date with the boy of her dreams and my man in his manly competitive way completing the business plan all in a days work.
I checked my watch.  He stopped the clock on my phone we talked about the time of completion and I said goodbye and continued on for the next 4miles still on cloud nine because my man ran with me!

I may never have that opportunity again but I am ever so thankful that he said YES this time!

Had I not committed to running for Parul I would have never have had this opportunity.
My journey to 13.1 miles has been rich in wonder and amazement!
Words are breathed into me, opportunities arise, people unexpectedly give to this endeavor.
One mile at a time I with your support am changing history!
Changing opportunity for Parul and the girls that are rescued by As Our Own, taken in and loved.  As Our Own cares for them and they know that they are WORTH IT!

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